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Pet Misfortune

PS to Wylie story:
It's not enough that Wylie went through near tragedy before becoming our celebrity success story.  There is yet another verse. 
Through circumstrances far beyond her control, Marcy did not get to keep our three-legged star.  But, his luck was still holding, and he is in a wonderful home that has several other special needs pets.  We, here at the Shelter, are delighted with his new parents because they are already versed in what his care could entail.
However, in meeting up with the new parents in the grocery story, we learned that young, energetic Mr. Wylie is a handful and quite an intelligent fellow.  After being put outside to play with the others, the momma felt a wet nose on her arm as she was working at the computer.  There was Wylie.  She asked her husband why he let the dogs back in so soon.  He denied doing so.  They put everyone back out the open door and stepped into another doorway to watch.  Sure enough, after a few minutes, Wylie jumpd up against the door, brace his legless shoulder against the glass, and with the good front leg, slid the door open!  His new momma added that it was another way you could tell he was male; he didn't close the door.
Finally, the Wylie Fund generated enough funds from a compassionate community to pay for his surgery and neutering and leave some seed money toward helping save another Shelter pet toward a new life.

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