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About Us

The Deming Animal Shelter, located at 2135 Onate, in Deming, New Mexico, is managed by the Deming-Luna County Humane Society. We have served the Deming-Luna County community since 1967.

The Deming-Luna County Humane Society is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and three directors. Officers are elected annually by the Society’s members. Board members are elected for three year terms with one position subject to reelection each year.

The Deming Animal Shelter’s staff is comprised of office personnel, shelter attendants and one or more Luna County animal control officers. Volunteers also assist us greatly with animal care and other Shelter services.


Our mission is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the education of the public as to observance of City and County ordinances, the encouragement of responsible animal ownership, the support of enforcement of all animal control laws and the humane care of lost, strayed and unwanted animals.

Deming Animal Shelter Hours

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays .......... 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays ........................................................................ 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Sundays ........................................................................... Closed

The Deming Animal Shelter is closed in observance of the following holidays:

New Year’s Day                   Memorial Day          Independence Day
Labor Day                             Thanksgiving          Christmas

Contact Us

In Person:        Deming Animal Shelter, 2135 Onate, Deming, NM 88030

Mail:                  Deming Animal Shelter, P. O. Box 70, Deming, NM 88031

Telephone:       575-546-2024
                           After Hours Emergencies: Central Dispatch, 575-546-0354

Fax:                   575-546-0526

On the Web:


In addition for caring for lost, strayed and unwanted pets at the Deming Animal Shelter, we also provide the following services to our community:

Public Pet Cemetery
The Louse Coffiman Memorial Park, located on the premises of the Deming Animal Shelter, serves as a final resting place of over 5,000 companion animals. Burials are available for dogs, cats and small exotic pets.

Mary Jessica Fund Spay and Neuter Program
The Mary Jessica Fund is designed to assist lower income full-time residents of Luna County, New Mexico with the cost of spay and/or neuter of their cats and dogs.

Humane Feline Trap Rentals
Humane feline traps are available for rental for a nominal rental fee.

Classroom and Service Organization Presentations
We will gladly visit your classroom or service organization meeting to provide free  presentations regarding our organization, animal shelter and/or animal care.

Dog Licensing
City of Deming and Luna County, New Mexico dog licenses are available for purchase at the Deming Animal Shelter with proof of the dog‘s current rabies vaccination. Applications and licenses are also available for other permits as required by City of Deming and/or Luna County, New Mexico ordinances.

Luna County, New Mexico Animal Control
We provide animal control services for Luna County, New Mexico outside of Deming city limits. 

Updated February 2016
Mary Jessica Fund Spay Neuter Program

Mary Jessica spay and neuter vouchers are available  to full-time Luna County, New Mexico residents. The voucher program, with a current total value of $50.00 each, are designed to help lower income pet owners with the expense of sterilization of their pets.

Due to the limited supply, vouchers are available on a firs-come, first-served basis.

Please see Mary Jessica Fund under the Services heading on our website for additional information.

“Happy Tails”

Be sure to view the  “Happy Tails” section of our website. It includes an array of happy news and stories from our animal shelter. Do you have a story that you would like to share? Perhaps a successful adoption. Perhaps your lost pet was located by Shelter staff. Perhaps you enjoyed providing a foster home for one of our cats or dogs. Please email your story - and remember photos are always welcomed - to us at ""  . Kindly include your name and a telephone number where we can reach you with any questions. Thank you!


The Deming Animal Shelter’s Adopt-a-Pet program was implemented on September 23, 2005. Since that date, over 14,000 pets that are available for adoption at our animal shelter have been featured on this full-page each Friday in our local newspaper, the Deming Headlight. It has significantly increased adoptions at the Deming Animal Shelter.

This program is made possible through the generosity of the Deming Headlight and our Adopt-a-Pet sponsors. For a small fee, payable to the Deming Headlight, sponsors support our homeless cats and dogs by featuring a pet’s photo and a brief description in the newspaper. Each sponsor’s information appears with their sponsored pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in becoming a sponsor. Who do I contact?

You may contact the Deming Headlight, located at 219 E. Maple, in Deming, during the newspaper’s normal business hours. You may also reach the newspaper’s office by calling 575-546-2611. 
What is the cost to sponsor a pet?

The cost is only $7.50 per week, excluding tax, with your four-week commitment.

If I choose, may I sponsor only cats or only dogs? May I sponsor a specific cat or dog?

Absolutely. Just make the Deming Headlight aware of your preference when you begin your sponsorship.

Can I sponsor pets in memory of a family member, friend or pet?

Yes. Simply inform the newspaper’s staff how you wish your sponsor information to appear in the newspaper when you begin your participation in the program.