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Pet Adoptions

Pet Adoptions
We have a large selection of adult cats and dogs as well as kittens and puppies available for adoption at the Deming Animal Shelter. A variety of breeds, in all shapes, sizes and colors, are waiting to meet you!
Adoption Fees
Our adoption fees are as follows:
                             Adult Dogs and Puppies       $65.00
                             Adult Cats and Kittens          $45.00
Adoption fees include spay or neuter allowance, a rabies certificate and a City or County license (for dogs). 
The Deming Animal Shelter offers a 10% senior citizen discount for adopters age 55 or greater. A 10% discount is also available to current Deming-Luna County Humane Society members. This discount reduces our regular adoption fee for dogs and puppies to only $49.50 and $31.50 for adult cats and kittens.
Additionally, some of our animal shelter’s kind supporters pre-pay partial adoption fees, often up to 50%, for some pets. These special offers are typically included on our Adopt-a-Pet page in the Friday editions of the Deming Headlight and are also noted on the pets’ kennels or cages.
Our featured Pet of the Week, included on the weekly Adopt-a-Pet page, is also available for a 50% reduction of our normal adoption fee.
Deming Animal Shelter pet foster care providers receive at 50% discount on all pets that they adopt following fostering.
Note: The discounts noted above cannot be combined with any other special discount offers provided by the Deming Animal Shelter. For example, we are unable to offer an additional 10% senior citizen discount on a Pet of the Week that is offered with a 50% discount.
Payment Methods
We accept cash, checks or money orders, credit and debit cards and Deming Animal Shelter gilt certificates for payment of pet adoption fees.
Sorry but we are unable to accept down payments with payment terms for adoption fees.
We require that all adopters are U.S. citizens age 18 years or greater. A photo identification card, such as a drivers license, is required for adoption.
Additional adoption guidelines apply to adopters of pit bull terriers and pit bull terrier mixes. Please see Shelter staff for details.
Spay and Neuter Requirement
Under New Mexico state law, all animals adopted from our animal shelter must be spayed or neutered.
If the dog or cat that you adopt is not already sterilized, we will make a spay or neuter appointment for the animal with a licensed veterinarian at the time of adoption*.  It is your responsibility to deliver the dog or cat to the veterinary practice for its appointment on the scheduled date and time.
Failure to keep the scheduled appointment will result in: 
  • The issuing of a non-traffic citation by City or County Law Enforcement
  • Prosecution by Law Enforcement
  • Forfeiting the animal to the Deming-Luna County Humane Society.
*Special sterilization requirements apply to the adoption of pit bull terriers and pit bull terrier mix dogs. Please see Shelter staff for details.
Get to Know Your Potential Pet
Both indoor and outdoor get acquainted areas are available at the Deming Animal Shelter. Please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our staff to place the dog(s) or cat(s) of your choice in a get acquainted area to allow you time to socialize before adoption.
We also recommend that you talk with one of our shelter attendants about the dog(s) or cat(s) that you are interested in adopting. These staff members interact with our pets throughout the day and can often offer valuable insight into their behavior and temperament.
Do you have other pets in your household? In most cases, you are welcome to allow them to visit our shelter to meet and interact with an animal that you are considering for adoption Please ask us for details.
And remember, if for any reason your adopted pet isn’t a wonderful match for your household, you are welcome to return it to us within ten days for a full refund of its adoption fee.
“Holding” Pets
Some potential adopters request that we hold pets until a future date when it is more convenient for them to adopt. Regrettably, due to limited space at our facility, we are unable to honor those requests. Pets are made available on a first come, first served basis.
Don't See The “Purr-fect” Pet at our Shelter?
Are you interested in adopting a specific breed and/or age and gender of a dog or cat that is not currently available at the Deming Animal Shelter? Please stop by the Shelter’s office to allow us to place your name on our Pet Waiting List. We regularly review the list and call potential adopters if an animal that matches your preferences becomes available for adoption.
Adopting a Pet as a Gift?
Selecting a pet is a very personal choice. Instead of adopting a dog or cat for your family member or friend, we recommend the purchase of a Deming Animal Shelter gift certificate. These certificates, available in the denomination of your choice, include a special holder that’s ideal for gift giving. Certificates are available at the Shelter’s office and may be redeemed for pet adoptions and other Shelter services.
Please Come Meet Us!
We typically have over 100 pets at our shelter awaiting a second chance through adoption. We hope you’ll stop by to meet your new best friend today!