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Thank you for your interest in the Deming Animal Shelter’s Foster Care Program! The following offers a brief overview of the Program but is not all inclusive. Please don’t hesitate to see a Deming Animal Shelter staff member or call us at 575-546-2024 with any questions or if you‘d like to complete a Foster Parent Application.
What kind of animals need foster care?
The needs are as varied as our pets. Some examples include puppies and kittens too young to be adopted, pets recovering from surgery and/or with special needs, abused or neglected pets who are in need of socialization, pets awaiting placement at an animal rescue facility and any suitable pet when the Shelter becomes overcrowded.
May I choose which pet(s) I want to foster?
Absolutely. We’ll ask you about your preferences as a part of the application process. If pets matching your preferences become available for foster placement, we’ll contact you to determine your interest. You are never obligated to provide foster care and may decline accepting any pet at any time.
Who is eligible to provide foster care?
Foster parents must be full-time Luna County residents, age l8 or greater. Some other requirements apply so please see us for details.
How long do pets remain in foster care?
Duration of foster care varies. Kittens and puppies typically need to reach nine weeks of age before they can be made available for adoption. Injured animals and those recovering from surgery may require foster care for a period of a few days to two to three weeks. Emergency foster care pets may require care for as little as 24 hours. Shelter staff informs foster parents of the expected duration of foster care before the parent accepts any pet(s) to take home.
How am I paid for providing foster care?
Foster care parents provide this service to our shelter pets solely on a volunteer basis. Therefore, the Shelter offers no wages, salaries, tips or other compensation to foster care parents.
What expenses will I have as a foster parent?
Typically, foster parents purchase nutritious, age-appropriate food, at their own expense, for foster pets in their care. They also provide suitable housing and incidental items and services (treats, toys, grooming if needed, etc.) at their own expense. Some routine medical expenses are handled by the Shelter.
I already have my own pets in my house? May I also accept foster pets?
In most cases, yes. You’ll be asked to tell us about your other pets on your Foster Parent Application form. Additionally, a Deming Animal Shelter Animal Control Officer visits potential foster homes as a part of the application process. (S)he will help us to determine the suitability of your home for additional pets.
I am only interested in fostering outdoor dogs.
That’s fine. Just let us know on your Foster Parent Application form.
I’ve never fostered animals before. What type of support system is in place?
You are welcome to call the Shelter with any questions or concerns during our normal business hours. Foster parents are also furnished with an after-hours emergency phone number that they may call.
What if I want to adopt my foster pet(s)?
Tl1at’s wonderful! In many cases, foster parents may adopt foster pets in their care. However, there are some exclusions. Please see Shelter staff for more information.
As a small token of our appreciation, foster parents who adopt their foster animal(s) receive a 50% discount on the Shelter’s normal adoption fee for the pet. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount offer available at the Shelter.
I have more questions.
Please don’t hesitate to see any Deming Animal Shelter staff member or call us at 546-2024 during our normal business hours.
Once again, thank you for your interest! We hope that you ’ll consider opening your home and your heart to Luna County ’s homeless pets in need.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ”
                                                                                                  Winston Churchill

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