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Lost and Found Pets

Lost, Found and Reclaimed Pets
If your cat or dog is missing, please contact the Deming Animal Shelter immediately to allow our staff to complete a Lost Pet Report. If available, please furnish us with a recent photo of your pet. The information that you provide will help us to identify your pet if it arrives at the Shelter.
The information that we request includes:
Breed, gender, approximate age, color(s), distinguishing marks, color of collar, if the animal was wearing any tags or is micro-chipped, the date it became lost or missing and the vicinity where it was lost. We will also ask your name and telephone number so we can contact you if necessary. If your cat or dog has any medical conditions such as seizure disorder, diabetes, blindness, recovering from surgery, etc., please be sure to mention it at the time you place the report.
Please keep in mind that you should never rely solely on Shelter staff to identify your dog or cat for you. Because descriptions often vary as well as the number of dogs and cats at our shelter each day, it is important that you regularly visit our facility to search for your pet. We recommend that you check our shelter at least every two business days.
In addition to checking with us, you may also consider:
1) canvassing your neighbors to determine if they have seen your pet
2) contacting local veterinary practices, boarding facilities and groomers to inform them of the loss
3) distributing fliers or posters which include your pet’s description and your contact information
4) placing a lost pet advertisement in Luna County’s newspaper, the Deming Headlight.

The newspaper is located at 219 E. Maple, in Deming. The phone number is 575-546-2611.
If you pet returns home, please be sure to contact our animal shelter to allow us to remove it from our Lost Pet Report Log.
Found Pets
If you find a stray cat or dog:
Exercise caution. Never approach a cat or dog that displays any signs of aggression toward humans or other animals. Remember that sick and/or injured animals as well as those that appear fearful should also be treated with extreme caution.
If you notice a lost or strayed cat or dog within city limits of the City of Deming, call Central Dispatch at 575-546-0354 for a City Animal Control Officer.  
Within Luna County, call the Deming Animal Shelter at 575-546-2024 during our normal business hours. For after-hours emergency calls, call Central Dispatch at 575-546-0354.
What is an Emergency?
Some examples include dogs or cats that display threatening and/or aggressive behavior toward people and/or other animals, animal attacks on people or other animals, animal bites, injured or sick animals and animals running at large in areas populated by children such as schoolyards and bus stops. For more information, please call the Deming Animal Shelter or Central Dispatch.
Found cats and dogs may also be delivered to the Deming Animal Shelter if you can safely do so.
If possible, please bring the animal to the Shelter‘s office during our normal business hours. Doing so allows our staff an opportunity to gather information about the animal such as the date and location where it was found. This is often a useful tool in reuniting lost or strayed pets with their owners.
Found pets may also be delivered to our shelter’s after hours pet surrender pens (drop pens), located on the premises of the Deming Animal Shelter. These pens are monitored by Shelter staff throughout the day and evening, seven days a week and animals left in the pens will be promptly placed within our Shelter.
Reclaiming Pets from the Deming Animal Shelter
Lost pets arrive at our Shelter from a variety of sources. They may be picked up by City or County Animal Control, brought to our shelter by a finder or even left in our facility’s after hours pet surrender pens.
If your dog or cat is in the care of our shelter, you will be asked to provide documentation of ownership to reclaim it. Typically, proof of ownership will consist of one of more of the following:
1) bill of sale
2) adoption papers
3) recent photo
4) veterinary record
Please be sure to bring the following items with you to our animal shelter when you reclaim your pet:
1) proof of ownership (see list above)
2) proof of current rabies vaccination, if applicable
3) proof of the pet’s sterilization, if applicable
4) proof of your identity (typically a photo identification card)
5) pet carrier or leash and collar
6) payment (for your convenience, we accept cash, check, money order and credit and debit cards)
Reclaimed Pet Fees
The Deming Animal Shelter’s current reclaimed pet fees are as follows:
Boarding           $5.00 per day (First three days, including holidays and weekends)
Boarding           $10.00 per day (day four until day reclaimed)
Puppy shots      $7.50 per dose
No or expired rabies vaccination $10.00 (a rabies certificate to take to your pet’s veterinarian will be issued)
No license        $3.00 if sterilized -  $5.00 if intact (a license will be issued)
If not spayed or neutered - $25.00 (This fee is refundable. When the pet owner brings us proof of serialization, we will issue a refund check)
Please note that all fees may not be applicable to your pet’s circumstances. Shelter staff will determine applicable fees for your pet when you visit the Shelter to reclaim it.
Reclaiming Pets from a Police Hold
Any dog or cat bite that punctures the skin of a human must be quarantined for a period of ten calendar days. If the animal is quarantined at the Deming Animal Shelter, the typical fee for this service is $100.00.
Animals that attack and/or kill other animals are also subject to police holds at our facility.
These animals are held in a separate quarantine facility that is accessible only to Shelter staff and appropriate law enforcement personnel. Therefore, we are typically unable to allow pet owners to visit their pets in the facility for the duration of quarantine period.
Please consult with Shelter staff for additional information regarding reclaiming these pets.

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