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Louise Coffman Memorial Park

Conveniently located on the premises of the Deming Animal Shelter, in Deming, New Mexico, the Louise Coffman Memorial Park offers a tranquil final resting place for over 5,000 animal companions.
The Park was founded in 1977, is completely fenced and gated for your peace of mind. Thoughtfully landscaped seating areas, provided through the generosity of local individuals and businesses, are available throughout the site. Our Rainbow Bridge and accompanying comforting poem welcomes you as you enter the latest phase of the site.
The Cemetery is available for use by the general public and pet owners need not be residents of Luna County, New Mexico. It is the final resting place of companion animals from throughout the United States.
Visitation is available during the Shelter’s normal business hours.
For a minimal fee, your dog, cat or small exotic pet will receive
  •     Private burial plot covered with gray crusher fines gravel
  •     Personalized headstone with your pet's name, date of birth and death and your last name
  •     Perpetual care of the gravesite and grounds
Our current burial fees are as follows:
Cats/dogs/small exotics ( Cremated Pets)     $30
Cats/Small Exotics                                              $35
Dogs Under 30 Pounds                                      $40
Dogs 30 to 74 Pounds                                         $50
Dogs 75 to 100 Pounds                                       $60
Dogs 101 to 150 Pounds                                      $70
Dogs 151 Pounds and Greater                          Contact the Deming Animal Shelter for pricing
Please see below for current special gravesite decoration pricing.
Senior citizens, age 55 and greater, as well as current members of the Deming-Luna County Humane Society receive a 10% discount on standard pet burial fees. Please see Deming Animal Shelter staff for details.

Louise Coffman Memorial Park
Pet Cemetery Decorating Guidelines
To help us to provide perpetual care of your pet's gravesite, we ask that you keep the following guidelines in mind when decorating his or her site:
Although we will furnish a headstone with your pet's name and your last name, you are also welcome to select a headstone from another source. If you choose to do so, we ask that the size not exceed 12 inches by 12 inches. Also, it should not exceed 18 inches in height. If you choose a headstone from  another source and need help placing it on your pet's gravesite, please see Shelter staff for assistance.
As a part of your pet's burial fee, we will provide a covering of gray crusher fines gravel over his or her site. You are also welcome to decorate it with other gravel or rocks of your choice. Please do not cover site with grass or other live plants. If you choose to decorate your pet's final resting-place with gravel or rocks, we require that you also provide edging to help prevent the gravel from spilling onto other sites. Because of the harsh elements in our desert climate, we recommend cement edging or bricks, readily available at local hardware and discount stores, or rocks for this use. Typically, plastic and wooden edging become cracked and broken within a relatively short period of time.
You may also decorate your pet's gravesite with mementos and other ornaments. However, please refrain from placing any decorations that contain glass or thin plastic in the Cemetery because these items may easily break. Heavy items made of cement, resin or metal are best suited for long-term use in our hot and frequently windy climate. You are also welcome to place floral arrangements, pet toys, etc., on the site but please be sure to firmly secure them to the ground. We ask that, like headstones, all ornaments not exceed 18 inches in height.
Finally, please keep in mind that our cemetery receives perpetual care. With that, the Deming Animal Shelter reserves the right to remove any decorations that become worn and/or create hazards for our visitors.
Should you have any questions or needs any assistance, please don't hesitate to see Deming Animal Shelter staff.

Frequently Asked Questions
May I pre-purchase a gravesite for my pet?
    Yes, with your prepayment. Our staff will gladly assist you with the advance purchase and place a “reserved” marker on the site.

How can I deliver my pet to the Cemetery?
    You may deliver your pet directly to the Deming Animal Shelter during our normal business hours and our staff will attend to the burial.
   Additionally, if you prefer, we will pick up your pet at veterinary offices located in Deming, New Mexico. This service is offered at no cost to you but donations to the Deming-Luna County Humane Society are always welcomed.

Is there an annual fee for the perpetual care of my pet's gravesite and surrounding grounds?
    No. Your one-time burial fee includes all perpetual care.

My pet was buried in the Louise Coffman Memorial Park years ago and I need assistance in locating the gravesite.
     Please stop by the Shelter office. Our staff will gladly assist you.

Can the Deming Animal Shelter handle my pet's cremation?
     No. We cannot handle pet cremations. Please consult with your veterinarian for this service.

May I use a personalized headstone purchased from another source?
    In most cases, yes. However, some restrictions such as size and height apply. Please consult with a Shelter staff member before purchasing a headstone or marker.

I need assistance with decorating my pet's gravesite. Can Shelter staff assist me?
     Absolutely. A variety of floral arrangements are available for purchase in the Deming Animal Shelter's office.
     For a nominal fee of $30 to cover the cost of materials, our Shelter staff will decorate your pet's gravesite with cement edging and your choice of colored gravel. Our typical colored gravel selections include platinum white, pink coral, sierra red and red lave rock. We typically have cement edging in gray and red brick. Please consult with Shelter staff for our current selections.
     If you choose to decorate your pet's grave site yourself and need assistance in carrying the decorations from your vehicle to the site, please stop by the Shelter's office. A staff member will gladly assist you for no additional charge.

Louise Coffman, a long time Deming resident, was instrumental in the restoration, continuation and enlargement of the Deming Animal Shelter. For her many hours of volunteer service to our Humane Society, the Memorial Park has been named in her memory.