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Mary Jessica Fund

                                The Mary Jessica Fund - Spay and Neuter Program 
Introduced in April 2006, the Mary Jessica Fund is a financial assistance program designed to help defray the cost of spay and neuter of Luna County, New Mexico pets.
The purpose of the Fund is to lessen Luna County’s unwanted pet population by offering vouchers to lower income cat and dog owners for an amount off the cost of sterilization of their pets. Vouchers are unavailable for feral cats and other domesticated animal species.

The Fund is titled in honor of the later Mary Jessica Baker Truesdale who was a lifelong resident of Luna County. Although recognized as an educator and an outstanding musician, Mary Jessica is most remembered for her love of animals. She served as a member of the Deming-Luna County Humane Society’s Board of Directors until the time of her death.
Eligibility Requirements
The Mary Jessica Fund is available to:
          full-time Luna County, New Mexico residents who have resided in Luna County for a minimum of 30 days; and
          are age 18 years or greater; and
          are citizens of the United States, and
          meet the financial income levels established by the Deming-Luna County Humane Society.
Additionally, the Deming-Luna County Humane Society requires that all dogs and cats that benefit from the program have a current rabies vaccination. Please see below for additional information.
Voucher Value
Total voucher value is typically $50.00 per pet. However, voucher value and availability are subject to change at any time, with our without prior notice, based upon the availability of program funding. Please call the Deming Animal Shelter for current information.
Eligible applicants may typically receive multiple vouchers if they own more than one pet to be spayed or neutered. However, as with voucher value, this is subject to change based upon funding availability.
Because the Deming-Luna County Humane Society requires that all dogs and cats that benefit from the program have a current rabies vaccination, pet owners are asked to provide a copy of each pet's current rabies certificate when they apply for a Mary Jessica Fund voucher. If the owners are unable to furnish the certificate, a voucher valued at $10.00 will be issued for a rabies vaccination and the value of the spay or neuter certificate will be reduced by $10.00. 
Voucher Expiration
Mary Jessica Fund vouchers are valid for a period of 60 days from date of issue.
Should a recipient have special circumstances that prevents him or her from utilizing the voucher on a timely basis, he or she may request an extension of up to 30 days by contacting the Deming Animal Shelter. If the recipient is unable to have his or her pet spayed or neutered during the 30-day extension period, no further extensions will be available. However, the recipient is welcome to reapply for another voucher at a later date.
Application Process
Application forms are available at the Deming Animal Shelter and on-line at the Shelter‘s website
In addition to completing the Mary Jessica Fund application form, applicants are asked to bring the following documentation with them to our shelter:
Identification - a photo identification card such as a New Mexico drivers license is preferred
Proof of Residency - mortgage or rent receipt, utility bill or other recent correspondence that reflects the applicant’s current Luna County address
Verification of Income - a current federal personal income tax return is typically required.
However, if the applicant did not file a federal personal income tax return, (s)he will be asked  to complete a statement that the tax return was not filed and provide documentation of current income (some examples include Social Security and/or SSI benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions and annuities, public assistance, wages, tips and salaries and other current income) for family members who could typically be claimed on his or her federal personal income tax return.
Please consult with Deming Animal Shelter staff for additional information.
Proof of the Dog or Cat’s Current Rabies Vaccination - a copy of the rabies certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian.  Rabies tags cannot be used as documentation.
If the pet owner is unable to provide a current rabies certificate, a voucher valued at $10.00 will be issued for a rabies vaccination and the value of the pet's spay or neuter certificate will be reduced by $10.00.
Pet Owner’s Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the pet owner to:
to have a spay or neuter performed (please consult with the veterinarian of your choice), and
make the pet’s appointment for the spay or neuter with the veterinarian of your choice,  ensuring that his or her practice with accept Mary Jessica Fund vouchers, and
ensure that his or her pet's age is suitable and its health is adequate to have a spay or neuter performed (please consult with the veterinarian of your choice) and
present the Mary Jessica Fund voucher to the veterinarian at the time of your pet’s appointment or earlier if required by the veterinarian, and
pay any remaining balance to the veterinarian in excess of the limitations of the voucher, and
carefully follow all pre-surgery and  after-care instructions provided by the veterinarian to help ensure the pet’s full and speedy recovery, and
promptly notify the Deming Animal Shelter of any circumstances that would prevent you from utilizing your Mary Jessica Fund certificate(s) within 60 days from the date of issue or 30 day extension, and
promptly return unused vouchers to the Deming Animal Shelter.
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