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Pen Pal

Become a Pen Pal!

Would you like to lend a helping hand to an adoptable cat or dog that has been in the Shelter’s care for an extended period of time? If so, please become one of our Pen Pals!
It’s heartbreaking but we often see adoptable dogs and cats remain at our animal shelter for weeks, and sometimes months, as they await new “fur-ever” homes.
A helping hand from individuals, businesses and service and non-profit organizations often makes a significant difference in the quality of life of these homeless pets.
Program Overview
For a one-time contribution of only $20.00 (payable to the Deming-Luna County Humane Society) toward the costs of the pet’s typical expenses such as food, housing and routine veterinary care, you can become a Deming Animal Shelter Pen Pal.
Our Pen Pal sponsors, if they choose, may also provide additional monetary support for special services such as professional grooming and veterinary services beyond what is considered routine by our animal shelter. A professionally provided bath, trim and nail clip to an adult dog that has never had a bath before arriving at our shelter often makes it much more appealing to potential adopters. A cat with a badly snarled and matted coat looks and feels much better after a trim!
Additional items to aid in the pet’s care and comfort, such as treats and toys, may be purchased by the sponsor if they’d like. Pets frequently become bored after spending weeks in an animal shelter. A new sturdy toy and a comfy bed or blanket makes them feel much more at home!
Sponsors are also typically welcome to stop by during the Shelter’s normal business hours to socialize with their sponsored pet. Socialization may include walking dogs, playing with the pet in one of our get acquainted areas and brushing their coat.
Some sponsors even prepare a “goodie bag” for their sponsored pet’s adoptive owner. Bags may include any variety of new, unused bowls, food, treats, grooming products, leash and collar, bedding and other pet—related products. These special offers are noted on the pet’s Pen Pals kennel card where it can easily be viewed by potential adopters.
Choosing a Pen Pals Pet
Stop by the Shelter to meet the large array of cats and dogs that are currently available for adoption. Each pet’s kennel card indicates the date that it joined us. Our staff will also assist you in identifying the cats and dogs that are most in need of your helping hand.
Simply make your selection(s) and stop by our Shelter office to provide us with your payment and sponsor signage information.
If you would prefer not to visit the Shelter, we can also arrange Pen Pal sponsorships by telephone and email. Simply call us at 575-546-2024 or email the Shelter at . Our staff can select a suitable dog or cat for you based upon your preferences and determine your sponsor information to appear on your pet’s Pen Pals kennel signage. Your payment by check can be mailed to us at
Deming-Luna County Humane Society
P. O. Box 70
Deming, NM 88031
Please be sure to note “Pen Pals” in the memo section of your check. If you would prefer to use a debit or credit card,
please call us at 575-546-2024 to furnish us with your payment information.
It’s that easy! 

Receipts for Tax Purposes 
The Deming-Luna County Humane Society is a non-profit organization. We will gladly furnish receipts for tax purposes for the $20.00 sponsor fee and additional services such as veterinary expense and professional grooming paid for by the sponsor while the sponsored pet is in the care of our organization and the payment is made directly to our humane society. However, because our organization receives no benefit from “goodie bags” to be given to sponsored pet’s adopters, we are unable to offer receipts for that service. Receipts can be offered for pet bedding and toys if those item(s) remain at the Deming Animal Shelter following the pet’s adoption. If the items are transferred with the pet to its new home, we are unable to offer receipts. Please consult with Deming Animal Shelter staff for additional information or to request receipt(s). 

Sponsor Recognition
Each Pen Pal sponsor will be recognized with signage on his or her sponsored pet's cage or kennel. Sponsors may choose to include their name(s), the name(s) of friends or family members or even sponsor for their current or former pets. Any sponsor's request to remain anonymous will be honored.
Pen Pal pets that are featured on the weekly Adopt-a-Pet page in the Deming Headlight newspaper will include a banner or similar indication of their sponsor's support.
Sponsors who support two pets within a calendar year will receive a complimentary honorary Deming-Luna County Humane Society membership for the current calendar year.
Sponsor who support 12 or more pets during any calendar year will be recognized on a special plaque displayed on the premises of the Deming Animal Shelter.
Remember, Pen Pal Sponsorships Make Great Gifts!
Pen Pas sponsorships are the ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries. Sponsorships also make great stocking stuffers for all of the animal lovers on your holiday shopping list.
Please be sure to let us know if you are offering your sponsorship as a gift and we'll be happy to email a photo of the sponsored pet to you or the recipient of of your gift.
You Can Make a Difference! Become a Pen Pal Today!