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Pit Bull Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

Pit Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adoptions

Following is an overview of the Deming-Luna County Humane Society’s policy regarding adoption of purebred pit bull terriers and pit bull mix dogs. For additional information, please contact the Deming Animal Shelter.
The Deming—Luna County Humane Society and Deming Animal Shelter acknowledge that there are certain intrinsic risks associated with ownership of pit bull terrier dogs. Because these dogs possess the ability to inflict significant bodily injury to people and animals, and this breed is sometimes exploited through dog fighting, we have implemented special adoption guidelines as a part of our efforts to protect the public as well as the welfare of all pit bulls adopted from the Deming Animal Shelter.
For purposes of these guidelines, the term pit bull and/or pit bull terrier includes both purebred pit bull terrier dogs and pit bull terrier mixes. Pit bull mixes include all dogs whose physical characteristics appear to be predominately pit bull terrier.
Potential Adopters
Any person(s) adopting a purebred or pit bull mix from the Deming Animal Shelter must be a full-time Luna County, New Mexico resident age 18 years or greater. Additionally, pit bull adopters cannon have any previous convictions related to animal welfare or abuse and/or any convictions for violent crimes including but not limited to domestic violence. Potential adopters cannot have any history of allowing his or her animals to run at large or seizure of his or her pets by Animal Control for any reason(s). Additionally, each potential adopter’s home (or business if that will be the dog’s primary residence) must pass a pre-inspection performed by a representative of the Deming Animal Shelter.
All cats and dogs in the owner’s household and/or business must have current rabies vaccinations and all dogs must have current licenses. If applicable, the potential adopter must also have other animal related permits (multi-companion, guard dog, etc.) in good standing.
In the case of any pit bull in the care of the Shelter that have been seized from their owner(s) by Animal Control, potential adopters cannot be associated with the previous owner(s). This relationship includes but is not limited to family members, friends, acquaintances and co-workers.
Potential Adoptable Animals
Any pit bull with a know history of aggression toward people and/or animals and/or has displayed these tendencies while in the care of the Deming Animal Shelter may not be made available for adoption. Likewise, any pit bull that displays physical characteristics of previous dog fighting, such as wounds or scarring, cannot be made available for adoption.
Home and/or Business Pre-Inspections
All persons who wish to adopt a purebred or pit bull mix from the Deming Animal Shelter must agree to an inspection of their premises prior to taking possession of the animal. The site where the dog is to be housed must be located in Luna County, New Mexico.
Inspections will be conducted by a Deming Animal Shelter Animal Control Officer or other Shelter representative(s). These inspections are performed at no cost to potential adopters.
Sterilization Requirement
All adopted pit bull and pit bull mix dogs, age six months and older, must be spayed or neutered before they may be placed in adoptive homes.
Puppies under the age of six months may be placed with an approved adopter prior to sterilization. However, a sterilization appointment must be made for these dogs by a staff member of the Deming Animal prior to release from the Deming Animal Shelter. The adopter’s failure to keep the dog’s sterilization appointment may result in immediate seizure of the animal by the Deming Animal Shelter, a $350.00 fine and non-traffic citation.
Rabies Vaccination
A Deming Animal Shelter staff member will provide the adopter with a rabies certificate at the time of adoption. It is the responsibility of the adopter to promptly have his or her dog vaccinated when it meets the minimum age requirement and to maintain current rabies vaccinations while in the adopter’s care.
No Chaining Requirement
Pit bull and pit bull mix adopters must agree that they will not maintain any domesticated animals in their possession on chains.
Transfer of Ownership
Adopters may not transfer ownership of any purebred or pit bull mix adopted from the Deming Animal Shelter without prior approval of the Board of Directors of the Deming-Luna County Humane Society.
Loss of Dog
It is the responsibility of the adopter to keep his or her dog in a secure location at all times. It is also his or her responsibility to ensure that the dogs wears a current license tag at all times.
If the dog is lost, the owner must immediately notify the Deming Animal Shelter.
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