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Volunteers Needed

Become a Volunteer! 
Do you enjoy walking and socializing dogs? Grooming cats? Landscaping? Fundraising, Special events and membership drives? Grant research and writing?

These are only a few of the volunteer opportunities that await you at the Deming Animal Shelter and Deming-Luna County Humane Society!

Our volunteers play a key role in the success of the Deming-Luna County Humane Society and Deming Animal Shelter!
Our Board of Directors is comprised solely of volunteers. Volunteers regularly exercise and socialize with our animal shelter’s cats and dogs. Volunteers provide foster homes for the most vulnerable pets in our care. They also assist with our annual fundraising event, off-site adoption events, providing animal care at our shelter, photographing our dogs and cats, transporting our animals to rescue sites and even landscaping our public pet cemetery, maintaining our website and a variety of other tasks throughout the Deming Animal Shelter such as washing pet bowls and bedding.
We appreciate your interest in joining our dedicated team!

Three Easy Steps to Becoming A Volunteer

Step One: Determine Your Interests
Listed below are some of the volunteer opportunities that are typically available at the Deming-Luna County Humane Society and Deming Animal Shelter. Please note that all volunteer opportunities are not available at all times and that other opportunities that are not included on the following list may be available.
Cat Volunteers (on-site)
Provide socialization for the Shelter cats. Routine grooming, play with cats in designated areas of the Shelter. Assist with cleaning and sanitizing the Shelter’s Cat Room including cat cages, feeding and watering and changing bedding and cat litter.
Cat Volunteers (off-site)
Assist with off-site adoption and educational events. Assist Shelter staff with transporting, handling and cats while off-site, answering the public’s questions regarding cats’ dispositions and needs.
Dog Volunteers (on-site)
Provide exercise, socialization and basic training to Shelter dogs. Move dogs in and out of their kennels, walking dogs outside for exercise using appropriate equipment and/or socializing with them in designated indoor and/or outdoor get acquainted areas. Limited grooming, feeding and watering.

Dog Volunteer (off-site)
Assist with off-site adoption and educational events. Assist Shelter staff with transporting and handling dogs, answering questions regarding dog’s dispositions and needs. Walking dogs and providing food and water off-site as needed.

Foster Parent
Provides temporary housing and care to Shelter animals. Please see the Almost Home Foster Program page on this website for more information or call us at the Deming Animal Shelter.

Fundraising, Special Events and Membership Drives
Assist the Deming-Luna County Humane Society and/or Deming Animal Shelter staff with fundraising and special events and membership. Responsibilities may include design and production of marketing materials and media communications, assistance with mass mailings, on-site participation at fundraising events and solicitations for donations.
Grant Research and Writing
Research grant opportunities that support the mission of our humane society and animal shelter. Reporting and recommendation to the Humane Society’s Board of Directors. Prepare grant requests and submit to the Board of Directors. Prepare and submit solicitations to pet product companies for possible donations of products as requested by the Board of Directors.
Provide support to Shelter staff in performing landscaping tasks at the Shelter. Examples include picking up debris, weed and insect control, shovel and wheelbarrow soil and gravel, mowing and pruning. Assist with setup of new landscaping projects.
General Cleaning
Assist Shelter staff with routine cleaning and sanitizing. Some examples include mopping, emptying trash cans, washing dishes and washing, drying and folding laundry and pet bedding.

For more information regarding other volunteer opportunities, please call the Deming Animal Shelter at 575-546-2024 or email us at  .  
Step Two: Complete a Volunteer Application Form
In order to assist us with matching potential volunteers with the needs of our animal shelter and humane society, we ask everyone who is interested in volunteering to complete a Volunteer Application Form. The form is available at the Deming Animal Shelter.
Our volunteers are typically adults, age 18 years or greater. However, in some circumstances and for some volunteer opportunities, we will consider potential volunteers age l5 or 17 years if accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.
Your completed application will be reviewed by representatives of our shelter and humane society. If your interests match our current needs at this time, we will notify you of the next volunteer orientation training session to be held at the Deming Animal Shelter.

Step Three: Volunteer Orientation
It’s important that your time spent at the Deming Animal Shelter/Deming-Luna County Humane Society be rewarding, satisfying and successful experience for you. It is also critical to the safety and well-being of volunteers and our animals that you are familiar with our operating procedures. A veteran member of our staff or board of directors will meet with you at our shelter to provide individualized volunteer orientation training to help to ensure your success.
You’ll learn about the mission and history of our organization, Shelter operations, important safety considerations, the role of our volunteers and much more. A tour of our entire facility is also provided.
Please keep in mind that participation is limited only to per-registered volunteers. Also, childcare is unavailable at the Deming Animal Shelter.

Attendance at a Deming-Luna County Humane Society/Deming Animal Shelter volunteer orientation session is not a guarantee of acceptance or continued volunteer service with the Humane Society/Animal Shelter. The Board of Directors of the Deming-Luna County Humane Society reserves the right to decline or terminate the volunteer service of any person(s) with or without prior notice.

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